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These gorgeous felted slippers from Asportguesas have arrived – but unfortunately – the elastic gussets have the potential to go wonky – see the second photo… these were worn around for a few hours, and went from fine to wonky in that period – another pair we tried didn’t…others have!…so it’s a potential fault in them all.

They are made out of recycled fabrics – wool and rubber cork soles – such a cool eco-friendly brand we have stocked and loved over the last four years.  So whilst it’s a bit sad that the gussets are potentially all going to give – the main integrity of these jodhpur style slippers/shoes is still awesome!

Still completely wearable and super comfy to wear – and we are able to offer these at HALF their normal retail price of $228 – so only $114! A fabulous bargain with possible built-in individual wonky gussets!! xx

Please note, that purchases of these will be NON-REFUNDABLE if the gussets do go wonky. 


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1 review for Caia – SECONDS – Concrete Felt – Asportuguesas

  1. Fiona Gray

    Love this brand! I’ve got two pairs of slippers from previous seasons – this new jodhpur style is awesome and super comfy – another for my collection 🙂

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