Gift Pack - Sockettes, Bag, Keyring Combo

Gift Pack - Sockettes, Bag, Keyring Combo


We've put together this little gift pack as a treat for someone special - for a thankyou, a birthday, an anniversary, or just because!  

Gift set contains a 3pack of Minx Dainty Sockettes, a fluffy bunny fur keyring, and a foldaway shopping bag.

The Dainty Sockettes are a best selling item - perfect for wearing inside your superminx shoes! They feature a silicone edge to keep them on your feet - and the design means they are hidden in most footwear when worn.

The foldaway shopping bags come in such cute designs - and so handy to keep in your bag or pocket for unexpected shopping purchases - save the planet from plastic! 

The bunny fur keyring - well - its so cute and fluffy and a little bit luxurious!!!