C.REED offers distinct and exclusive designer wear for the fun, feminine individual who can be either overtly or quietly confident, adventurous and loyal. 

Minx director and designer extraordinaire, Cushla (Cush) Reed, is all about creating style statements that express a woman’s individuality - Styling perfectly alongside the Minx / Minx Boutique brands - the addition of C.REED the clothing label realising a long-held dream of Cushla’s, to dress women head to toe.

Superminx is proud to support Cush in this endeavour! 

Milford Parka - C.Reed Quick shop

Milford Parka - C.Reed

$60.00 $119.00

Soho Mesh Tanktop - C.Reed Quick shop
Turtle Neck Fine Knit - C.REED Quick shop
Fishnet Top MX22 - C.Reed Quick shop
Awaken Fish Net Sweater - C.REED Quick shop
Deco Chiffon Shirt - C.Reed Quick shop
Long Swan Chiffon Tabbard - C.REED Quick shop
Zip Away Over Layer - C.Reed Quick shop
Kimono Dress - C.Reed Quick shop

Kimono Dress - C.Reed

$153.30 $219.00

Fishnet Dress  MX20 - C.Reed Quick shop
Wonder Wide Leg Pant - C.REED Quick shop
Choir Shirt - C.Reed Quick shop