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Footware Care

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How A Shoe Wears Varies

How a shoe wears will vary from person-to-person as well as from shoe-to-shoe and depends on intended product use. 

Factors such as the way you walk, weight, load and terrain have a dramatic effect on wear. Shoes such as our soft Sports Luxe styles that utilize climbing rubber are designed for specific conditions and will generally experience faster wear time than standard rubber outsoles, especially when worn daily for casual use on cement and carpet. 

All shoes will inevitably show wear and tear. This is not considered to be defective. 

Please note that carpet and cement wear rubber considerably faster than natural surfaces like wood and earth.

How to Reduce Wear & Tear

Buy shoes that fit propoerly

Of course, the first step is always the same: purchase shoes that fit properly.

This assures that shoes bend in the places designed to bend while providing the greatest support to feet.

When shoes are not a correct fit, they are forced to bend in places not designed to bend and this accelerates breakdown and wear.

So, first get the right shoes for your feet.

Get A Check Up Every 3-4 Months

Shoe repair specialists recommend bringing your shoes in for a “check-up”, about 3-4 months after you buy them. They can help you detect the wear pattern and determine if they need any preventive work to help them last longer.

Taking time to take care of your shoes will allow them to perform at their peak as long as possible. Here are some tips to extend the life of your shoes.

Prevent Breakdown By Alternating Footwear

If your shoes normally last one year, buy a new pair when the first pair is 6 months old. By alternating, your feet will tell you when the older pair is worn out. If you’ve been wearing your shoes for a while, you can look at them to detect a wear pattern (usually visible in the sole and or stressed leather in the upper).

Keep It Clean

Consult your retailer and or shoe repairer for advice on creams to nourish the leathers, to clean the leather or to waterproof protect your leathers.

To remove dirt, stains etc., use a clean rag or fine bristle brush.

Do not put shoes in the washing machine or dryer. Do not dip the shoes in water or rinse them under the tap.

Dry Your Shoes

If you completely wet the shoe, fill the shoe with dry paper and leave for 1 hour. Remove the paper and repeat until the shoe is completely dry.

Allow shoes to dry at room temperature overnight. DO NOT dry shoes near heat sources such as space heaters, open fires, or hair dryers, never directly in the sun.

Tips To Keep Your Shoes Looking Their Best

Here are some key tips to keeping your shoes looking their best

Do not leave your shoes in the sun, in a hot car or other similar high heat environments Dry only in the shade, in a dry and ventilated place
Soft brushes or dry sponges or soft cloth are the most suitable for cleaning. If necessary moisten a cloth and use mild soap.
Never use a washing machine or dryer for the shoes, do not soak the shoes in water, or rinse them under the tap.

Tips To Prevent Odors

Here are some key tips for preventing your shoes from developing odors

To prevent your shoes from developing odors, allow them to rest for 24 hours after use
If the shoes present some odor, use an antiseptic powder and let them rest for two days. Before wearing them, remove the excess powder with a dry cloth

Maintenance Tips

Here are some key tips to keep your shoes maintained through out their life

For smooth materials, we recommend to use shoe tinted creams to touch up scratches and nourish your leathers. For other materials, only use a sponge or a soft bristle brush, making circular motions and or seek further advice
Keep your shoes out of boxes (or if in a box keep the silica sachet to take moisture out), always keep in dry and ventilated places, avoiding dark and humid places that can trigger a fungus / mould to grow.
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